The Sister City/Region Mission of Connecting the Separated

The Madison County International Committee fosters the relationship between the people of Hokuto City, Japan and resident of Madison County, Kentucky. This sister-region relationship was founded in 1988 and its yearly delegations from both countries is one of the longest of its kind.

Our mission is to deepen friendship and mutual understanding between the two regions through educational, cultural, industrial and commercial exchanges, and to promote the welfare of the citizens of both regions, while embracing the firm belief that such objectives will strengthen the ties between Japan and America and contribute toward the peace and prosperity of the world.  Hoping to build a world based on mutual respect and understanding between peoples, this exchange program, and all others like it, play a vital role in connecting the separated hearts and minds of humanity.

Through delegations of both adults and middle-school participants, there is the opportunity to learn about other cultures.  There is the opportunity to meet people and form new friendships.  There is the experience of international travel and sightseeing.  There is the satisfaction of natural curiosity about other people and countries.  All of these combine to make the sister-region experience an immensely rewarding personal adventure!

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